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Do You Have Insecurities About Your Teeth? Here's How an Orthodontist Can Help You

Self-confidence is a fragile thing, and your personal appearance can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. Your teeth are a crucial part of this. If you have insecurity about teeth, an orthodontist can help. Let’s look at a few benefits of getting braces.

Improved Tooth Appearance

Braces are used to straighten your teeth and correct bite issues. By applying gentle pressure during the course of treatment, the teeth will begin to shift into a straighter position. Bite issues can also be improved through this type of pressure. When teeth are successfully straightened and bite issues are resolved, it can result in a change in the overall appearance of the face and bone structure. This can make your smile more visually appealing.

Better Self-Esteem

Better teeth can have a huge impact on your self-image. Self-esteem issues relating to your insecurity about teeth can start to affect the way you interact with others and the choices you make. It could affect your dating life, your career, and even your mental health. Sometimes braces are all you need to start feeling more confident and full of life.

Better Dental Health

Some people think that braces and orthodontic care are only about appearances. The truth is that correcting orthodontic issues can actually improve your dental health as well. Crooked teeth are more difficult to clean and floss, which could lead to tooth decay over time. Issues with your bite can make it difficult to eat properly and even speak clearly. This can have a significant effect on your day-to-day life.

What to Expect

In order to start orthodontic treatment, you’ll need to get approval from your dentist. The first step will be to schedule an appointment with your dentist, who will examine you and make a referral to visit an orthodontist if necessary. Your orthodontist will then examine you and develop a treatment plan for you. This treatment plan will likely include braces. Then, you will most likely be prescribed a retainer, which will typically be used for 12 months or longer, according to the NHS.

These are just a few ways that braces can benefit your overall quality of life. If you’re looking for quality orthodontic services, contact Aspen Orthodontics today. We look forward to speaking with you!

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