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A Guide to Your Child's First Orthodontist Appointment

Scheduling your child's first orthodontist appointment can feel nerve-wracking, but having an idea of what to expect can help both you and your child feel more prepared. Here's what you should know going into the initial appointment.

Signs You Should Schedule an Appointment

If you notice certain changes in your child's smile or oral health, it may be time to have an orthodontist take a look. Crooked teeth that make brushing difficult, jaw pain, underbites, overbites, and teeth crowding are some developments that signal you should book an orthodontist appointment. Most patients at these practices are between the ages of eight and 14, but even if your child is older than this, it's never too late to take steps toward a healthier smile. Even if you're simply curious about orthodontic options, it can't hurt to set up a consultation.

What to Bring With You to the Appointment

Arriving prepared will help ensure your child's first orthodontist visit goes smoothly. Be sure to have your dental insurance card on hand if you have coverage for your child. It's also helpful to ask your child's dentist for relevant paperwork to bring so the orthodontist can view past x-rays, treatment plans, and their overall oral health background. Be sure to list any symptoms or specific concerns you want to discuss as well. Having your child's health history organized will allow the orthodontist to provide recommendations tailored to their needs.

What to Expect When Meeting With the Orthodontist

Your child's first appointment will focus on assessing their current oral health. The orthodontist will likely take x-rays of their full mouth, sometimes accompanied by photos, impressions, or scans. Then, they'll use these diagnostic records to evaluate tooth alignment, jaw position, spacing issues, and bite function. This analysis also reveals which orthodontic treatments could improve any problem areas. Next, the orthodontist will explain their findings and the suggested treatment options in depth. This consultation allows you to learn what treatment pathway is best for your child's unique oral health goals before progressing. According to the NHS, the length of orthodontic treatment is usually between six and 30 months, but your child's treatment may take more or less time than this depending on their specific needs. Booking your child's first orthodontist appointment marks an exciting step toward improving their oral health. Knowing when to schedule a visit, what to bring, and how the interaction with the orthodontist will unfold will make the process feel more accessible and less intimidating. If your child is ready to start seeing an orthodontist, contact Aspen Orthodontics today to schedule a FREE consultation.

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